The Most Memorable Video Game Sound Bites of All Time

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You might be walking down the street or sitting in a subway car when suddenly, you hear it. A little noise, probably coming from someone's smartphone, that immediately transports you to the world of a game you grew up loving. Sound design is one of those little-talked about but incredibly important parts of video game development. Good sound work can increase the enjoyment of the game tenfold. This list compiles those sounds that immediately take you back to playing some of these classic games. 

Some are innocuous, yet unmistakable. Whether it's the run-away noise of Final Fantasy III (US), or the lumbering tones of Big Daddy in the original BioShock, hearing them again immediately takes you back in time to when you were playing the game for the first time. Other sounds are forever infused with triumph or even dread. Can you remember the terror of hearing a zombie in the original Resident Evil, a zombie you couldn't locate? These memorable SFX from games will have you ready to pick up old copies and start the whole experience over!

Remember when that first head crab from Half-Life got a hold of you, making you jump right out of your seat? This video game SFX list has that and many, many more. Take a look at our list of memorable video game sound effects and vote up the ones that provoke instant reactions.
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