Total Nerd 10 Creepy Video Game Urban Legends That'll Send Chills Down Your Spine  

Mick Jacobs

Though a majority of video games focus more on adventure and entertainment than scares, some titles utilize fear as part of their gaming experience. But if your Pokemon and Sonic the Hedgehog games start introducing violent ghosts and random bloodshed like in the video below, you might throw your controller across the room.

When you play scary video games, you expect to come away a little rattled. Certain video game franchises like Doom and Silent Hill purposely include horror elements in their gameplay.

Yet, as strange as it sounds, a number of video game myths speak of cursed Pokémon cartridges and bloodthirsty blue hedgehogs. These unexpected scares are more terrifying than any Pyramid Head.

Much more than a glitch in the programming, video game urban legends take all the fun out of gaming and replace it with pure nightmare fuel. Hitting "restart" won't save you now, but hitting "play" on the video below gives you fair warning about what you might expect to see on your haunted copy of Majora's Mask.