Total Nerd 14 Outrageous Video Game Urban Legends That You Probably Believed  

Nathan Gibson
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Myths have always been part of human society, but the Internet has allowed stories to be spread much more quickly and efficiently than ever before. In particular, video game rumors have become incredibly popular source material, as players try to find secret items or unlock hidden rooms. Inevitably, video game urban legends run rampant. 

While some of the gaming urban legends that fill forums online turn out to be true, there are countless others that are completely and utterly fictional. Some are instantly debunked by gamers, but others are able to fool huge swathes of the community. Sometimes, they become so engrained in the public consciousness that they are simply accepted as the truth – even when there is no evidence to support them.

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Blowing On Nintendo Cartridges Made Them Work

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Every kid who grew up in the late 1980s or early 1990s knew that the best way to get a game cartridge to work properly was to blow on it. This would (apparently) remove any dirt or dust and make the title work perfectly again – even if it took a few tries. Well, blowing into the cartridges actually did not help at all, even though almost everybody did it.

The truth is that most times when a game did not load up, it was because the pins were not connected properly. Removing the cartridge to blow into it before reinserting it just gave the pins another chance to line up correctly. In fact, blowing into the games was actually harmful, damaging the pins and causing them to corrode.

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The Original Diablo And Its Secret Cow Level

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Not long after Diablo was released, rumors began to circulate that it was possible to reach a secret level filled with cattle. All the player had to do was click on a lone cow in the town of Tristram a certain number of times.

The myth spread quickly and became an incredibly popular subject within the community of the game. While there was no secret cow level hidden within Diablo, Blizzard did include such levels in the sequels in response to the urban legend.

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There Was A Code To Make Lara Croft Naked In Tomb Raider

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When Tomb Raider released on the PlayStation 1 back in 2001, the game became a huge hit. Its protagonist, Lara Croft, also became something of a sex symbol. Considering how a huge portion of the audience for the game was teenage boys, it should come as no surprise that rumors quickly began to spread that there was a cheat code that would make the buxom character appear naked.

This urban legend spread quickly via word of mouth, and before long almost everyone playing the game was looking for the code. The only problem was that it simply did not exist. The entire idea of a nude cheat had simply been an invention.

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Mew Was Hiding Under A Van In Pokemon Red And Blue

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Pokemon Red & Blue became one of the biggest phenomena in gaming when it initially released, selling millions of copies worldwide and inspiring countless spin-offs and other media products. This obviously led to plenty of rumors and urban legends spreading about the game, the most infamous being that you could catch the rare Pokémon Mew by pushing a truck. The claim came from the fact the truck was in a strange place and didn’t seem to serve any other function, but it had no way of awarding a player with Mew.