The Greatest Games You Could Actually Beat at an Arcade

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Back in the heyday of video game arcades, it seemed like arcade games were just too hard to beat. In fact, many were built to go on indefinitely. As gaming has progressed away from the arcade, though, it's become clear that plenty of these games are indeed beatable, but they're also designed to eat up as many quarters as possible. After all, you want to see how the story ends, right? You're gonna have to pay for that. This list is all about classic arcade games that you can actually beat without declaring bankruptcy.

The arcade games on this list aren't the ones that only end when you reach a level higher than the machine is capable of processing. No, we're talking about games with a definite ending, a designed completion of the game. It's something that few people have done - whether they don't have the skill, the patience, or the tokens, but it is possible. Some old school gamers are still working on T-MEK to this day out of pure stubbornness. 

So take a look at our list of the best arcade games you can actually beat (whether solo or with some friends), and vote up your favorites!