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If You Played These Video Games As A Kid, You're Probably A Pretty Messed Up Person

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Nowadays, video games are seen as mainstream entertainment that can be enjoyed by everyone. However, that wasn’t always the case, and in the early days of gaming, the hobby was commonly thought of as a children's activity. While this was fine for the most part, the misconception did push some rowdy developers to occasionally create secretly demented video games that kids should not play. 

Many of the best titles of all time are almost certainly video games that messed you up as a kid. Some might have exposed you to extreme violence or sexual innuendo, whereas others could have shocked you with their surprisingly dark tone. Whether it's the factory farming simulator that is Viva Piñata, or the numerous torture methods players can subject their Sims characters to, there are plenty of terrible video games for kids out there that you definitely shouldn’t have played when you were younger.