The 15 Most Difficult Video Games To Beat, Ranked By Gamers

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If you hope to one day garner respect in convention showrooms and internet forums, there are a few video games you should say you've played. These titles are pillars of the industry, and some are nearly unanimously referred to as the best games of all time. However, there's a big difference between playing these difficult to beat games and actually finishing them.

If you're hoping to experience the best and hardest games of the last two console generations, be prepared to devote well over 100 hours to a single title. The hefty commitment can make some players feel the need to fudge the truth a little bit, as there are only so many hours in a lifetime. 

A number of different factors compel people to lie about beating videogames. Some games are so challenging that they're almost impossible to beat, whereas others demand literal weeks of a player's life. This has only become more true as games have grown in size, as modern blockbusters offer countless hours of content to keep players hooked. Weigh in with your opinions on the toughest video games to finish.