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15 Critically Acclaimed Video Games You're Too Embarrassed To Admit You Hate

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Most of the time, games that players find enjoyable will receive a ton of critical attention. However, game critics aren't above getting swept away by hype, and sometimes, customers will be left wondering why some overrated video games were so well-received by the press. 

When it comes to video games that nobody actually likes, it often feels like no amount of bad word-of-mouth buzz can cause an expensive yet mediocre title to flop. It appears that gamers sometimes want different things than reviewers, as the things that make a game impressive don't guarantee a title will be fun. The most controversial titles are critically successful, but loathed by the vast majority of players who didn't receive a free copy to review.

These train wrecks are video games people lie about liking, simply because Metacritic said they were "universally acclaimed." Players know when they're having fun, and no amount of fancy language or big-budget trailers can change that.