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Over the last few years, video games have started to earn some of the same critical acclaim as movies and television. Their breathtaking worlds and in-depth stories mean they have become great ways to experience fiction. While plenty of titles have made the jump to Hollywood to become feature films, there are definitely even more video games that would make great TV series. This is especially true when you consider that so many video games take inspiration from television and books in the first place.

The lack of critically and commercially successful movie adaptations might well be due to the fact that most video games are just better suited to the format of television shows. After all, video games are usually far longer than a standard movie. They also tend to include a wide variety of characters, complex worlds, and story arcs that can be better explored through the longer format that TV offers.

  • The Western genre may have seen a decline over the last decade or so, but TV is dying for something like Red Dead Redemption. The title character was one of the best-received new characters of the last generation of consoles and received praise for having impressive depth and a complicated backstory.

    Any show could delve into his emotional journey, especially the parts not fully explored in the game. With a prequel currently in the works, Red Dead Redemption has large cast of characters and a huge world that would provide plenty of content.

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    Although none of the Fallout games are direct sequels or follow the same storyline, they do take place in the same universe and would allow a TV series to explore a huge world. With all types of bizarre factions, strange characters, and unique quests, there would be plenty for television writers to sink their teeth into.

    The post-apocalyptic landscape is one that has been underrepresented on television and a show based on the Fallout franchise would allow viewers to explore the wastelands and the distinctive characters that live there.

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    One of the best games in recent years has undoubtedly been The Last of Us. This action-adventure game from Naughty Dog has garnered universal acclaim for its emotional story and strong characters. While a movie adaptation is in the works, a small-sceen version would make far more sense. A TV series could explore the relationship between the two main characters much more effectively.

    It would also ensure that the plot's pacing isn't unnecessarily sped up, something that's an important aspect of the game.

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  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim features hundreds of hours of stories, quests, and countless characters, making it the ideal video game to be adapted into a television show. With the entire continent of Tamriel available to investigate, any show would have a huge amount of material to draw upon to create a long-lasting television show.

    There are already plenty of storylines to follow, including the conflicts between different factions like the mages and the relationships between the various races. The addition of dragons allows for even more onscreen action.

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    LA Noire
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    LA Noire is set up perfectly to be a television series. The 2011 game focuses on multiple cases across its campaign that tie together with an overarching plot. This is something TV shows often try to do, meaning its structure would fit perfectly.

    Although it was already a fairly long game, a conversion to TV would allow for even more in-depth character development and exciting new cases. It would also remove the necessity or jumping around Cole’s career and life.

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    BioShock, like many other popular video games, has been nominated for a movie adaptation several times since its release. However, the dark dystopian title would almost certainly make for a better TV show than a feature-length film.

    The sheer amount of important characters and the size of the setting would make any movie feel rushed. A film version wouldn’t be able to fully explore the city of Rapture or properly get a grip on the story, as the slow build-up and elegant reveals from the game would be impossible to replicate in a condensed film form.

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