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Coy Jandreau
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Video games are a mammoth industry. They have spawned magazine coverage, game demos, game trailers, and even full on gaming conventions, where they show off all of the above. This all leads to an insane amount of hype, which is fair. Games nowadays are also insanely expensive, so developers need the hype in order to make all that money back. But sometimes, once the actual game is out in the world, it's just... disappointing. Which video games didn't live up to their hype? 

Game developers put out these amazingly rendered trailers, have test groups play and review the games, and then advertise the hell out of 'em. By the time some of the bigger games are actually released, it's already seared into the brains of gamers everywhere as being the best thing ever.

So what if the game sucks? Or, more realistically, what if it's just... alright? This list has the video games that just couldn't live up to all their hype, with videos. Cast your votes for the most disappointing video games below. Those games that just didn't cut it after all the buzz.
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No Man's Sky

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Possibly the most hyped game of 2016, No Man's Sky was a completely genre defying open sandbox space exploration adventure promising endless new worlds full of diverse fauna and creatures to explore, and an engaging story pulling you to the "center of the universe." 

Compared to the trailers, planets were all essentially identical and some of the randomly generated plants and animals looked very deformed. Repetitive gameplay led to one of the biggest dropoffs Steam has ever seen, not to mention many distributors offering refunds. There was even a lawsuit for false advertising

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DRAGONS. Again, dragons. This game promised dragons (why more games don't promise this very marketable thing is a mystery). Not only did it promise they'd be in the game, here you'd be flying them, controlling them, and battling other dragons! The graphics looked great, and the early E3 tease (video above) made it look like everything we never knew we dreamed of.

Well... they found a way to make dragons... suck. Everyone on the game got fired (seriously) for somehow messing up dragons. Its story was horrendous, the graphics were spotty, it used only the motion sensor in the six-axis controller, and it executed poorly, so you couldn't control a thing. This could have, should have, and would have been the genre defining franchise and launched the PS3 leaps and bounds above its competition, but it just wasn't in the cards.
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The game that ushered in modern game hype. Posters everywhere promised that the lead designer would make you his b*tch. Every game magazine showered it with their praises. TIME magazine even covered the game.

By the time it came out... we were sick of it. No one cared anymore. Worse yet, it was delayed so many times no one even knew it had come out. It was literally three years late. The tech was so old at that point, and the gameplay and graphics so outdated, that it was one of the biggest flops in the history of gaming. Who made who their b*tch?
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Watch Dogs

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The most recent entry on this list, it felt like you couldn't take 10 steps out your door without some sort of advertisement for this game. Worse yet, the hype was been going strong for about two years, since it rocked E3 in 2012. Meant to be the next Grand Theft Auto, this was gamers' first look at the glory of the new systems, the very first peek at the very future of gaming!

Well... for starters the graphics were WAY toned down than those shown at E3. The story was borderline racist... and misogynistic... and sexist. The whole "hack anything" concept it promised was lackluster. The controls were somewhat unresponsive at times. Overall it's a fun, fairly simple, albeit NOT revolutionary game. Which is not what we were promised.

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