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The Top Video Games That Couldn't Live Up to Their Hype

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Video games belong to a mammoth industry. They have spawned magazine coverage, game demos, game trailers, and even full on gaming conventions, where they show off all of the above. This all leads to an insane amount of hype. Games nowadays are also quite expensive, so developers need the hype in order to make all that money back. But sometimes, once the actual game is out in the world, it's just disappointing. Which video games didn't live up to their hype? 

Game developers put out these amazingly rendered trailers, have test groups play and review the games, and then advertise them. By the time some of the bigger games are actually released, it's already seared into the brains of gamers everywhere as being the best thing ever.

So what if the game isn't good? Or, more realistically, what if it's just all right? This list has the video games that just couldn't live up to all their hype, with videos. Cast your votes for the most disappointing video games below. Those games that just didn't cut it after all the buzz.

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    Possibly the most hyped game of 2016, No Man's Sky was a completely genre defying open sandbox space exploration adventure promising endless new worlds full of diverse fauna and creatures to explore, and an engaging story pulling you to the "center of the universe." 

    Compared to the trailers, planets were all essentially identical and some of the randomly generated plants and animals looked very deformed. Repetitive gameplay led to one of the biggest dropoffs Steam has ever seen, not to mention many distributors offering refunds. There was even a lawsuit for false advertising

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  • 2. 'Star Wars: Battlefront II'

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    Fans were disheartened after the initial series reboot, Star Wars: Battlefront (2015), segmented its own player base with expensive season passes and DLC content. At first glance, the sequel looked to be a step forward for the series as EA announced that there would be no season pass offered, and instead, the company would opt for "something better." 

    Additionally, the game publisher promised an exciting single-player, story-driven campaign – something fans felt its predecessor was sorely lacking. 

    While the company did (technically) keep its promises, consumers still felt as though greed got the better of EA. Battlefront II has even been accused of becoming a "play to win" title as its launch was littered with loot crates filled with items that greatly affect play.

    EA has also received criticism for its unlockable characters like the fan-favorite Darth Vader. Some have calculated that, in order to unlock everything the game has to offer, it would take 4,500+ hours or $2,100. (It should be noted, however, that EA has since significantly reduced the investment required to unlock its in-game characters.)

    EA responded to fan criticism on Reddit, stating, "The intent is to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking different heroes." This response is now one of the most downvoted comments on the Reddit. 

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    The Fallout franchise is a fan favorite for gamers who enjoy role playing and post-apocalyptic shooter scenarios. Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, and Fallout 4 are all RPG games with similar shooter-elements. The popularity of the series helped boost the hype for Fallout 76, an online multi-player prequel. 

    Although there was much anticipation surrounding the 2018 release, fans have been disappointed at every turn. As of April 2019, Redditors have criticized Bethesda for introducing a repair kit that can be awarded for completing in-game challenges or purchased in the Atomic Shop. Fans are concerned the ability to purchase such kits will grant an unfair advantage to players with more financial freedom — something Basheda previously promised not to do. 

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    The original title for the titular BioWare release was Beyond, hyping fans about the idea that this game would take players "out beyond the walls of [their] fort and into the dangerous wilds around [them]." The company changed the name to Anthem at a conference in 2017, nearly five years after the game was teased and two years before it was officially released. The long anticipated wait had gamers on the edge of their seats. 

    When Anthem launched in February 2019, fans were faced with unending bugs and disappointing story elements. According to those involved in development, the years of working on Anthem and its failed release are all accounted for in "indecision, mismanagement, [and] technical failing." 

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