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Video Games That Secretly Reward You For Cheating

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The Metal Gear series includes some of the best games of all time. It also includes some low-down dirty cheats built into the game allowing you to skip all kinds of drudgery. This is just one example of the many video games that reward you for cheating. Is it technically "cheating" if the game allows you to do it, though? That's the million dollar question. And since these are built-in shortcuts, you can choose to tell yourself the game creators snuck them in so only those as brilliant as yourself can exploit them. 

These tricks, tips, and shortcuts will make some of your favorite games significantly easier. If you have a bit more gaming integrity, however, there are also a bunch of games that troll you for cheating. Be warned, there are major spoilers ahead for some of the most popular games of all time.

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    'Doom' Allows You To Kill Anyone With The BFG While The Game Is Paused

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    The 2016 Doom has one of the cheapest cheats you'll ever see. First, it requires the BFG, a gun so powerful it already feels unfair. Then, it requires you to be able to press the menu button. That's it.

    The way it works is that immediately after you fire the BFG, quickly pull up the weapon wheel. This will effectively pause the game, yet your shot will continue onward. Not only can you not get hit, but whatever you're fighting will freeze in place and pretty much just wait to get blasted in the face. You can beat the Cyber Demon boss with a single shot because the plasma missile does continuous damage, and if you pull up the weapon wheel at the exact right moment, you can watch it drain the frozen monster's health from the safety of your pause screen.

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    For some reason, Hideo Kojima really didn't want you to fight The End head-to-head. At least, one can reasonably conclude that considering the Metal Gear creator offered more ways to defeat the legendary sniper than just facing him in battle. There's an active way to defeat The End, and there's an extremely passive way to do so.

    You can actually defeat The End before you even meet him. The End makes his first appearance outside the Ponizovje Warehouse as you sneak through the jungle nearby. He holds a brief conversation with The Fear, and during this time you can snipe him, taking him out so you never have to face him later.

    There's another even less active (but brilliant) way to defeat the ancient soldier. This method requires you to actually enter into the boss battle against The End, but you don't need to finish it. You have two options to defeat him by doing virtually nothing at this point: you can either save your game and wait a week before returning to it, or you can save the game, exit it, set your Playstation's internal clock forward by a week, then return to the game. Either way, The End will die of old age while waiting for you. Snake will be forlorn with this approach, feeling The End deserved the glorious death of a warrior, but who cares? You just saved yourself a whole lot of bullets.

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    Each installment of the Super Mario series allows you to warp between worlds in one form or another, and it's something they established from the very beginning. The very, very beginning. In just the second level of the original Super Mario Bros. you can reach a warp zone quite easily by riding the last rising platform up a little higher than is necessary to beat the level in the traditional route.

    That will take you to the first warp zone, where you can skip all the way ahead to the fourth world if you so choose. Once there, the second level of World 4 offers the exact same thing, this time allowing you to warp to the eighth and final world. With almost no effort, you're at Bowser's doorstep.

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    Pretty much every game in the Mario Kart franchise is full of shortcuts - some by design and some unintentional - but Mario Kart 64 might take the cake with 12 of its 16 courses offering a shortcut in some form or another. On one end of the spectrum there's the relatively innocuous cave behind the waterfall on Koopa Troopa Beach, which requires using a mushroom off a conspicuously placed ramp.

    On the other hand, there's Rainbow Road, by far the longest (and arguably most treacherous) track in the game, but shortly after the beginning of the course, you can jump off the edge of the track, landing on it far below, virtually cutting out half the course. It's a risky maneuver, but if you pull it off, you pretty much can't lose.

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