11 Video Games That Should Get Anime Adaptations

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Video games and anime go hand in hand. Both mediums rely heavily on engaging art styles, and often use visual storytelling to further their narratives. On top of that, many anime fans are also avid gamers, and popular anime series regularly receive video game adaptations. 

Given their similarities, it's no surprise that some video games have already been converted into anime series. Mega Man, Kirby, and Sonic are just a few of the franchises that have spawned successful shows, and some fans are probably most familiar with the characters' TV amalgamations. 

Considering the success of these shows, there are plenty of other video games that should be anime. As is evidenced by Netflix's Castlevania, even relatively obscure franchises have the potential to rope in large audiences. With this in mind, it would be exciting to see more Western-developed games — such as Overwatch — receive anime adaptations. Popular franchises could reach a wider audience by offering a corresponding anime series, and fans of the original games would surely appreciate the extra bits of story. 

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  • For those who may be wondering, the animations found in those weird CD-i games don't count as anime. The Legend of Zelda series is arguably one of the most beloved video game franchises of all time, in part thanks to its memorable cast of characters and fascinating fantasy setting.

    An anime adaptation of Zelda could help make sense of the series's confounding timeline by laying out exactly how each game connects to the overall lore of the franchise. The studio in charge of the anime could make up an entirely new story about Link, Zelda, and Ganon, or they could just pick up where the manga adaptation of Twilight Princess left off. Either way, fans of the series would definitely eat the show up.

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    Seeing as how Castlevania and Metroid collectively spawned the "Metroidvania" game genre, Netflix should consider using the ongoing adventures of bounty hunter Samus Aran as inspiration for their next video game anime adaptation. 

    Metroid anime would be packed with massive alien fight sequences and wonderfully bizarre settings. Plus, the series could pull inspiration from the 13+ video games that already exist, which would make it easy to craft the narrative of the first few seasons. The whole thing basically necessitates binge-watching.

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    Seeing as how the game's art style is heavily influenced by Japanese animation, an anime adaptation of NieR: Automata is totally within the realm of possibility. The 2017 game is a fantastic mashup of genres, as it laces a typical third-person action game with sequences that feel more like a bullet Hell shooter. 

    Surpassing the expectations of fans and critics alike, the story of NieR: Automata explores the concept human agency, and asks players to question all the qualities that supposedly define humanity. On top of that, the game's soundtrack and character designs are absolutely unforgettable; the whole thing is practically begging to be reborn in anime form. 

    The only way to make a cult of suicidal robots led by a machine named Kierkegaard any wilder is to add in some anime insanity. 

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    Note: An anime adaptation of NieR: Automata is slated for January 2023!

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    Chrono Trigger came out back in 1995, and today it's remembered as one of the best RPGs of all time. When it was first released, its gameplay was revolutionary, and even decades later, the story still comes across as genuinely gripping. If that's not enough to warrant an anime adaptation, it's important to note that the game's art was done by Akira Toriyama, AKA the guy who created the Dragon Ball franchise. If one were to compile all of the game's cutscenes, the result would basically be an anime series.

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    Kingdom Hearts
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    In case you've been living under a rock, Kingdom Hearts is a franchise that combines the worlds of Final Fantasy and Disney. While the concept sounds awful, the result is something entirely unique that stands apart from both companies' past work.

    Considering how confusing the franchise's timeline is, many fans would undoubtedly benefit from an anime series that sorts out all the major plot points from the first nine games. On top of that, the series would be particularly useful for new fans who are hoping to jump into the franchise with Kingdom Hearts 3. This one seems like kind of a no-brainer, as there's already manga series based on the original game that could easily serve the basis for the anime's first season.

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    Okami was developed by Clover Studios back in 2006, and features a gorgeous art style inspired by Japanese brush stroke paintings. Upon its release, critics were unanimously pleased with the game, yet Okami's poor sales were in part responsible for Clover's closure in 2007. However, the game has since received multiple HD ports, which suggests that its most unique facets are timeless and beloved. 

    Since Okami is already pretty visually distinct, it's easy to imagine an anime adaptation of the story that would look similar to The Tale of Princess Kaguya.

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