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15 Video Games That Relentlessly Mock You For Cheating

Updated 26 Sep 2019 11.0k votes 3.1k voters 348.8k views15 items

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Cheaters never prosper… at least in real life. In the world of video games, cheaters always prosper. Why struggle with a high level boss when you can easily bypass him with a level select code, or humiliate him with infinite lives and ammo? Why stop there? How about entering in some cheats that will earn you mad money fast? If you’re going to break the game, you might as well go all the way.

There are so many great video game cheats out there that it would be a waste to not use them. Just because a video game cheat is available, however, doesn’t mean the developers want you to use them. If they must, developers will take action and punish anyone cheating in video games… or, at the very least, relentlessly mock them.

Developers have found numerous ways of making fun of cheaters in video games. They’ll strip you of your achievement points, remove all vital items for completing the game, or, tease you by having your beloved game characters call you out on your cheating ways.

Don’t enter that Konami Code just yet. Here's a collection of video games that will mock you for cheating. What are your favorite examples of video games that punish cheating? Make sure to vote up the cleverest ones.

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