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Video Games with the Funniest Achievements

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List RulesFunny, silly, snarky, or frivolous video game achievements. Vote up the funniest video game awards.

There's that magic moment when you hear the chime of an achievement unlocked. That little trophy that's worth... well nothing in the real world, is worth everything when you've poured hours of blood, sweat, and tears into a game. Some mean more than others, even in the digital world, but the video game achievements on this list are just plain hilarious.

Even the thrill of achievements and trophies can eventually grow stale. So developers spice it up a bit sometimes, making the task you must perform for the trophy preposterous. There have been MANY more of these little "Easter Eggs" in the last 15 years of gaming than there were in say, the Sega Genesis era, likely thanks to the internet. And really, who doesn't want to win an award for punching a horse in the face?

Here are the video games with the funniest achievements! Vote up the funniest of these ridiculous achievements below or add one you've won that seemed silly. The go outside and get some sun... Call of Duty says you have to.