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12 Games That Can't Escape Their Own Aggressively Toxic Communities

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Because certain games are notorious for having the most toxic communities, it can be difficult to want to give them a shot. Toxicity in video games entails rude behavior where trash talk, racial slurs, homophobia, and sexism make up a significant portion of communication. Unfortunately, some of the best online games seem to foster this type of attitude more than others, particularly games that are free to play, competitive, and require teamwork. 

While a toxic community might not be the sole factor that sinks a popular game, it can hurt its public perception, driving less toxic players away while creating a safer space for those whose enjoyment comes from verbally shunting others. Most gaming developers and publishers actively try to combat the antagonism within their communities, but obnoxious gamers are a hard group to quell. Unfortunately, even good games can be riddled with frustrating fanbases. Check out the games with toxic communities and vote up the ones worst ones.