A Glossary Of Video Game Terms You Should Know To Be A Good Gamer
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A Glossary Of Video Game Terms You Should Know To Be A Good Gamer

Gaming is hard enough without having to put together a glossary of video game terms yourself. Some of the most popular games around make no sense to people who haven't sunk at least 10 hours into them, and that language barrier is part of what makes games like Dark Souls so hard. Don't worry if you don't have the time to study video game vocabulary – this video game dictionary will help you make sense of any game (even the ones nobody really finishes).

  • AAA

    Pronounced "triple A," an AAA video game is one made by a big name publisher with a large budget. AAA titles often have hundreds of people working on them, are heavily advertised, and are expected to sell millions of copies.

  • Area Of Effect (AoE)

    An AoE is a type of attack – usually used in role playing and strategy games – that hits a radius around the point of impact, rather than one target. Often the AoE is strongest at the center of its impact, with damage falling off around the edges.

  • Livestream

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    Livestreaming means broadcasting a game as it's being played so that viewers can interact with the player in real time.

  • Camping

    Camping is the practice of a player lying in wait at a specific location, usually highly defensible or hidden, to ambush other players. Some people view camping with derision, as in many cases there is no effective counter strategy.

  • Griefing

    Griefing is a term popularized in online games, which denotes somebody intentionally harassing or pestering other players. Online games often have specific rules as to what constitutes griefing, and encourage players to report griefers.

  • GG

    The acronym GG stands for good game, and is typically used to denote satisfaction at the end of a multiplayer match. Unfortunately, it's often used sarcastically to denote irritation at other players.