Humor Some Things Are Better When You See Them In Reverse  

Mick Jacobs

As rapper and visionary Missy Elliot revealed to the world with her classic hit "Work It," sometimes things are better in reverse. The video below takes that lesson to heart, featuring a collection of classic internet videos put in reverse.

What sounds like a cheap and easy trick actually makes for engaging visuals. Things rarely play out super clean, either in real life or on a screen, but a frozen pond refreezing itself makes for a cleaner show than one put on by the Paris Opera Ballet.

From running dogs to falling bros, the reversed video clips below showcase some of your favorite internet heroes like you've never seen them before. But to be honest, you've never seen anything like this before because of the eternal march of time.

Speaking of which, the concept of watching time in reverse makes for a compelling enough reason to watch this video. Check out the reversed clips below, and see what "Misdemeanor" meant by working it.