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Coaches crying videos give glimpses into the pressure that comes with leading professional and college sports teams as well as a human side of these men who are most often seen screaming obscenities on the sidelines. Be it after a bad loss or following a big win, each of these coaches all broke down in a press conference or in front of fans and it all was caught on video.

As the coach of football, basketball, baseball, hockey and soccer teams, these men are tasked with leading their respective teams through thick and thin. They are there to pump the players up before a game and pick them up after a loss. Typically, crying isn't in the job description all of these coaches are human and have feelings just like all the rest of us.

For some, it's when they stop to reflect that coaches cry in press conferences. NCAA Football coach Rich Rodriguez broke down when he spoke about his failed seasons at the University of Michigan. Former Florida Gators coach became emotional when talking about his then-quarterback and Heisman Trophy-winner Tim Tebow. Just before he was fired, Jim Mora shed some tears when talking about his tenure with the Indianapolis Colts.

Other coaches have been caught crying out of sheer pride for their players. The same goes for owners, like Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban who was overcome with emotion during a press conference to announce Dirk Nowitzki as the 2007 NBA MVP.

Whatever the reason, just like their athletes who too cry at press conferences, these coaches show us that having a little man cry is completely acceptable. Having emotions only shows that you're passionate about the game, the team and the job, and few successful coaches have won without that.

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