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These Mesmerizing Videos Show How Makeup Is Really Made

Updated October 16, 2017 3.1k views11 items

Ever wonder how your go-to red lipstick came to be? The process is a little more complicated than simply sticking some pigment in a tube. For curious cosmetics fans, these videos showing makeup being made are incredibly informative – and oddly hypnotic. Behind-the-scenes makeup videos provide a fascinating new look at how things are made, from sparkling eye shadow to natural looking foundation. If you've ever wondered just how those pretty products get assembled, here's how you make cosmetics.

These videos show just how far the world of makeup has come. People have adorned their faces and bodies for centuries, whether in rituals or simply to emphasize their features. Luckily, technology has come a long ways from the days of grinding stones to create pigments. Give these videos a watch, and marvel at just how much work goes into your cosmetics bag.

  • Liquid Lipstick Is Piped Just Like Frosting

    Video: YouTube

    As its name implies, liquid lipstick provides the coverage of a traditional lipstick, but in a liquid form. Instead of solid wax, these tints begin with paraffin wax, petrolatum, or lanolin, blended with colorful pigments to create a lasting hue.

    The wow factor comes in the packaging process – just look at how the creamy lip color is piped into the glass tubes.

  • Bronzer Is A Mix Of Pigments And Liquid Binders

    Video: YouTube

    It might seem incredible, but bronzer starts as a mix of white, brown, red, and, surprisingly, purple pigments. The pigments are blended with an agent to bind everything together. After that, the mixture is further refined and ground to a fine powder. It is then pressed and packaged for sale.

  • Concealer Gets Blended To Creamy Perfection

    Video: YouTube

    Concealer needs to conceal, so it's key the liquid and solid ingredients are properly blended. Skin-matching pigments are combined with oils to create liquid makeup. After everything is mixed up, the formula is piped into bottles and capped. Everything is then packaged up and sent to stores.

  • Nail Polish Starts As A Sticky Mess

    Video: YouTube

    Nail polish formulations vary from maker to maker, but they're all made by mixing powdered and liquid pigments, and adding in a suspension base so that the color is distributed evenly. Then, additional ingredients make the solution adhesive, and everything is combined with a huge blender.

    Once a sufficient quantity is put together, the mixture is sent to the packaging line, where a ball bearing is put into jars to prevent clumping.