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9 Unsettling And Intense Videos Of People Under Hypnosis

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Have you ever wondered, "Does hypnosis work?" The art of hypnosis has been around for centuries as a means to cure, to force the truth, and sometimes a means to commit crimes. And while many speculate it isn't real, these hypnosis YouTube videos might make you a believer. In these creepy videos of hypnosis, people lose track of reality. The result is unsettling. Whether they remember a past life experience or merely stare blankly into the camera, these people being hypnotized engage in some unexpected behavior. 

If you've ever wondered, "How are people hypnotized?", watch hypnosis on film to learn. You can see people's perceptions being altered, by both skilled and amateur hypnotists. As a person's inhibitions lower, the truly unusual occurs. 

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    Man Recalls Horrifying Alien Abduction Under Hypnosis

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    A Woman Recalls The Destruction Of Atlantis

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    A Woman Travels To The Future Through Hypnosis

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    Under Hypnosis, Woman Recounts Her Baby Dying In A Past Life

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