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How Accurate Was The Depiction Of The Vietnam War In 'Forrest Gump'?

Even decades after its original release, Forrest Gump remains a divisive film. Some see the movie as a classic American fable, while others believe Forrest Gump is garbage. Critics sometimes take issue with the portrayal of historical events in Forrest Gump, which some view as wildly inaccurate and even harmful.

Forrest Gump covers a huge swath of American history, but it’s the film’s middle section that garners some of the stiffest criticism. Gump’s experiences during the 1960s and ‘70s touch on a contentious era in American history: The Vietnam War.

Where critics land with their Forrest Gump Vietnam War analysis often determines their opinion of the movie as a whole. The question is whether the film paints an accurate portrayal of the events. In truth, Forrest Gump attempts to dramatize the cultural mood both at home in America and abroad in Vietnam with varied success.