5 Episodes of Korean TV That Will Get You Into It

Let’s face it. It can be overwhelming to figure out what TV shows to watch. With cable and streaming services, the choices are seemingly endless. And that’s just for American TV. On the other side of the globe, there’s just as much funny, gripping, scary, and romantic dramas on Korean television that you need to be watching too. Korean TV is going through a golden age, and with the magic that is the internet it’s also never been easier to watch it all.  

With a wealth of great Korean dramas to watch, you might need a guide to help you along. That’s why we’ve compiled just five shows you need to watch that will get you hooked on Korean television forever. Whether you love horror, science fiction, sitcoms, or musicals - there’s a gateway show for you. Plus, each and every one of these K-Dramas is packed to the gills with romance, plot twists, and surprises that will turn you into a binge watcher overnight. Luckily each of these shows have plenty of episodes to totally takeover your life.

It's time to ditch the ever-growing list of American TV shows to watch, and try something new. These Korean hits have proved to be so popular that many of them are also being developed into American shows. By watching these great Korean dramas, you not only get to enjoy quality programming; you also get to be a snob when the American versions come out. So watch these K-Dramas and start practicing saying things like “Oh, the Korean version of My Love from The Star is way better.”

  • The Sassy Go Go: Pilot
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    The Sassy Go Go: Pilot

    Imagine if Glee were a more fun show about a group of rebels who had the entire school against them? If nobody in Glee were popular and all of them were outcasts who didn't even get to use electricity when they wanted to, that's what makes Sassy Go Go one of the greatest Korean shows to watch. 

    The production quality alone is a reason to watch it. The show is clearly a very fun, well-crafted show with a lot of thought put into it and once you start watching it, it is kind of hard to stop. 
  • The Village: Just The Entire Series
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    The Village: Just The Entire Series

    If you wished crime dramas like True Detective or The Fall had a little more of a Grudge-vibe, then The Village is the show for you. Every small town has a secret and sleepy, peaceful village of Achiara is no different. This supernatural thriller follows an English teacher and a young police officer new to town as she discovers a dead body that leads her down the road to discovering the village’s dark secret. 

    This is prime binge watching material. You won’t be able to stop watching until you find out what Han So Yoon is looking for. 

  • The Lover: An American-Inspired Comedy
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    The Lover: An American-Inspired Comedy

    Having a roommate is hard enough. When you’re in love with them, it can make cohabitation even hard. The Lover centers around an apartment building occupied by four different couples in very different relationships. From a long term couple to a burgeoning romance between random roommates, The Lover has every type of romance covered.

    It’s modern take on young adults trying to get their lives together makes it a little like Girls and a little like Friends - if Friends was just a bunch of Ross and Rachels. 

  • Kill Me Heal Me: Pilot
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    Kill Me Heal Me: Pilot

    This show is like The United States of Tara on steroids. Cha Do Hyun is a business heir who develops  dissociative identity disorder (you know, multiple personality disorder). He tries to take control of his seven different personalities while a writer tries to expose his secret. It’s got it all: exotic medical conditions, the glamorous struggles of the rich, and an unorthodox, tension-filled doctor-patient relationship.