Weird History Crazy Things You Didn't Know About Viking Sex Life  

Lyra Radford
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Contrary to popular belief, Viking men weren’t always the brutes of legend. When it came to Viking sex lives, they had a softer, albeit semi-awkward, romantic side to them. Additionally, compared to the rest Europe at that point in history, they put a higher emphasis on the freedoms and happiness of the women in their community. one of the more surprising Viking sex facts is women could choose from various suitors and move on if not sexually satisfied.

Viking men and women took great pride in their appearance, scent, and their level of desirability. Men would make it a point to bathe at least once a week (back then, that was considered often). Men and women both dyed their hair, and dressed in clean, colorful clothing, jewelry, and cloak pins to show off wealth, style, and lure each other in. They engaged in premarital sex, but marriage and procreation were always the goals in their society. In fact, it was expected, and those who didn’t marry were shunned. This list explores the many facets of what Viking sex life was like.

Viking Women Could Divorce Their Husbands if the Sex Wasn’t Good

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Photo: Fritz Beinke/Public Domain/via Wikimedia Commons

If a man was terrible in bed, it was socially acceptable for his wife to leave him. She also had grounds for a divorce if her husband wore women’s clothing or preferred men sexually. She would also get her dowry back and any inheritances she received throughout the duration of the marriage.

Adultery Was a Common Occurrence

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Extramarital affairs were a common occurrence in the Viking Age. Despite its popularity, having an affair was generally frowned upon and eventually became considered a crime for both men and women. If a woman was caught having an affair, her husband could get away with killing her and her lover.

Vikings Were Big on Euphemisms For Sex

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Apparently, big bad Vikings were a bit awkward when it came to communicating about sex, so they opted for euphemisms instead of the direct approach. A man would “turn towards” a woman, and what happened next is up for interpretation. Sometimes they would “crowd together in bed” or “enjoy each other” and then the man would “rest with her” or take matters into his own hands and “amuse one’s self.” The most explicit known recorded euphemism they used for sex, is that the man would “brolta a maga” which translates to “romp on her belly.”

Those Who Did Not Marry Were Shunned

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Photo: Troy Kinney/Margaret West Kinney/Public Domain/via Wikimedia Commons

Scandinavian men who never married because of their sexuality were accused of “fleeing from the vagina” and shunned from society. Women who pulled the same stunt for whatever reason were “fleeing from the penis.” As long as you married a partner of the opposite sex and had children, though, your extramarital activities were generally ignored.