Everything You Should Know About the Vile Vortices

What is a vile vortex? You've heard the chilling stories about that mysterious place called the Bermuda Triangle, right? Well, did you know that there are 11 other mysterious places where ships and planes simply seem to vanish? These 12 places are collectively called the Vile Vortices, and like their more famous sibling, they all hold some rather creepy secrets. 

Scientists are still not exactly sure how these vile vortices work or why they happen. What we do know is that they are areas in which strange, possibly even paranormal phenomena, disappearances, and disturbing tales seem to commonly take place. The Bermuda Triangle, for example, is probably the best known one and there have been stories of glowing water, spinning compasses, and even possible alien abductions for hundreds of years now. The other areas may not be as popular, but many of them have similar stories.

If you're itching to learn more, you're in luck. But be ready for spooky stories, unanswered questions, and age old mysteries that have no known explanation...yet.

  • A Scottish Biologist First Discovered the Vortices

    Ivan T. Sanderson was a biologist, writer, animal enthusiast, and huge fan of all things paranormal. He would go on expeditions and record what he saw and experienced in drawings, reports, and even photographs, and for fun he even dabbled in science fiction. In his travels and studies during the early 70s, he began to notice that there were specific regions where things seemed to go strange, where planes and people seemed to disappear, and where UFO sightings seemed to take place. He then mapped these 12 most paranormally-active areas and named them the Vile Vortices.

    These vortices are: Bermuda Triangle, the
    Algerian Megaliths, the city of Mohenjo Daro, the Hamakulia Volcano east of Hawaii, the "Devil's Sea," the South Atlantic Anomaly, the Wharton Basin, the Easter Island megaliths, East of Rio de Janeiro, the Loyalty Islands, the North Pole, and the South Pole.

  • The Vortices Are Equally Divided

    You might notice that these vortices seem pretty spread out. That's because half are distributed above the equator and half are distributed below the equator. In fact, five are along the Tropic of Capricorn, and five are along the Tropic of Cancer, with only the North and South Pole not being along those lines, meaning the vortices are mostly located near warm, tropical climates. They're also evenly spread out distance-wise, which investigators have suggested prove there is something logical and mathematical to the chaos. 

  • They Might Be Caused by "Electro-Magnetic Aberration"

    They Might Be Caused by "Electro-Magnetic Aberration"
    Photo: NASA on The Commons / flickr / No known copyright restrictions

    Sanderson and other paranormal theorists had a few ideas on what exactly caused all of these places to be in order. One such idea involved Ley Lines, or the idea that important places and manmade objects line up because of spiritual energy or earthly feng shui. Other theories have more to do with subtle matter energy or electro-magnetic aberration, which is an idea involving geometric patterns actually addressed by Plato thousands of years ago.

    But when you get right down to it, we still don't fully know why these locations appear to line up so well, or what causes them to be hot-beds of paranormal activity.

  • The Infamous Bermuda Triangle

    The Infamous Bermuda Triangle
    Photo: dBnetco / flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

    The Bermuda Triangle has a long and sordid history, as well as a few "celebrity" guest appearances. Whole fleets of torpedo bombers, spy planes, navy ships, the infamous Mary Celeste and more have all come to mysterious calamity in the area of ocean near the tip of Florida. Even those who have not been lost there have reported glowing water, spinning compasses, random malfunctions, and strange sightings while passing through. In short, something weird is going on down there, even if some simply credit the gulf stream and other natural phenomena.

    The other thing we know for certain is that people are dying here. In the last 100 years, over 1000 people have lost their lives to the Bermuda Triangle. Whether or not you believe something paranormal is happening, you have to admit that those are some pretty scary numbers.

  • The Megaliths Make Planes Vanish

    The Megaliths Make Planes Vanish
    Photo: Zeriss / flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

    Ancient ruins may hold a lot of mystery, but these particular ruins hold a little something extra. If you were to go to Timbuktu and then travel north, you might come across an ancient burial ground at Djebel Mazala Salluste, where there are cave paintings and great monoliths to mark the area. While archeologically they're quite impressive, there 's also a strange aura hanging over the place.

    You see, many planes disappear while flying over the Sahara Desert, and some people believe this vortex may be the cause. Is it a curse from the spirits? Something to do with the underground fault line? Strange powerful minerals? We may never know. 

  • The Origin City of Hinduism May House Violent Gods

    The Origin City of Hinduism May House Violent Gods
    Photo: Internet Archive Book Images / flickr / No known copyright restrictions

    West of the Indus River, in the Indus Valley, there are the remains of a large and ornate city called Mohenjo-daro, which means Mound of Krishna. It is said that it was from this great and ancient city that the birth of the Hindu religion first arose. While this all sounds quite lovely and peaceful, the story doesn't stop there.

    After its discovery in the 1920s, excavation began and archeologists came across the scattered corpses of at least 40 people. Considering that the god Shiva is pictured a lot in the city, and Shiva is god of destruction, many still believe today that the city has some dark power to it. Considering this place fits into the Vile Vortices map, could it be that this dark power is what made the civilizations of the Indus Valley mysteriously disappear