Graveyard Shift

Everything You Should Know About the Vile Vortices

What is a vile vortex? You've heard the chilling stories about that mysterious place called the Bermuda Triangle, right? Well, did you know that there are 11 other mysterious places where ships and planes simply seem to vanish? These 12 places are collectively called the Vile Vortices, and like their more famous sibling, they all hold some rather creepy secrets. 

Scientists are still not exactly sure how these vile vortices work or why they happen. What we do know is that they are areas in which strange, possibly even paranormal phenomena, disappearances, and disturbing tales seem to commonly take place. The Bermuda Triangle, for example, is probably the best known one and there have been stories of glowing water, spinning compasses, and even possible alien abductions for hundreds of years now. The other areas may not be as popular, but many of them have similar stories.

If you're itching to learn more, you're in luck. But be ready for spooky stories, unanswered questions, and age old mysteries that have no known explanation...yet.