14 Movie Villains Who Get Defeated With *Really* Unconventional Weapons

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Audiences expect to see a villain get their just deserts. The more dastardly and uncouth the villain, the more over-the-top audiences want their demise to be. Most films simply do away with a villain with a gun or the usual movie weapons, but there are a few movie villains who need their protagonists to think outside the box to defeat them.

Major movie villains often find a way to escape their fate and live on to the sequel, but not the baddies we've collected here today. Each and every one of these big bads end up meeting their maker in an extravagant and unusual way. Some of them are evaporated with everyday substances, others are blown up through less than plausible means, and others just bite the big one in ways no one in the audience could have called.

All of these defeats are definitely unconventional - but which one of them is so far out of left field that it's not even in the stadium?

  • The Indiana Jones series saves its most mind-boggling and painful deaths for the Nazis who enter into the swashbuckling archaeologist's orbit. While working for the Nazis to find the Holy Grail, Donovan surreptitiously follows Jones and his crew all the way to the temple in the Canyon of the Crescent Moon, where he forces our hero to solve the booby-trapped puzzles leading to the holy item.

    Donovan follows Jones to the heart of the temple where they find a 700-year-old knight guarding the Grail - along with about three dozen other false grails of various sizes and shapes. Some of them are fancy, others are downright gaudy, but only one of them has the power of Christ. The rest cause whoever drinks from them to wither and perish. Given the choice to drink from the Grail, Donovan makes the wrong decision and drinks from a gold chalice. He ages hundreds of years in a matter of seconds before turning to dust. The fact that the scene was later parodied in a Diet Coke commercial only adds to how strange this end really is.

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  • It doesn't matter who you are - you don't go around kidnapping Arnold Schwarzenegger's daughter. In Commando, Bennett has a bone to pick with John Matrix (played by the Austrian muscle man) for kicking him out of his commando team for being too violent. To get back at Matrix, he kidnapped the guy's daughter and then strongarmed him into assassinating the president of Val Verde.

    So that obviously doesn't work out, and Matrix carves through Bennett's team with a laser-focused intensity powered by the unextinguishable force of hate. Rather than shoot Bennett or throw him off a cliff (which does happen in this movie), Matrix impales Bennett with a steam pipe before uttering the immortal line, "Let off some steam."

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  • Skinner may survive the events of Hot Fuzz, but his final moments in the film put him out to pasture just well enough. This grinning grocery store chain owner also serves as the leader of a secret society that controls the small town of Sandford, Gloucestershire. He and the rest of the NWA (the Neighborhood Watch Alliance) slay their own neighbors to make sure that the town continues to win "Village of the Year" as often as possible, for the greater good.

    The NWA easily guides the future of Sandford until Nicholas Angel arrives in town. His obsession with justice leads him down a road towards uncovering Skinner's plan, and the two finish things with a knockdown, drag-out fight in the middle of a model of the model village. Angel impales Skinner's jaw on the steeple of the miniature church. That's one way to take down the leader of England's most dastardly neighborhood watch program.

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  • Who do you love? If you're Ben Richards (who bears a stunning resemblance to Arnold Schwarzenegger), it's not Damon Killian. Killian produces and hosts the long-running game show The Running Man, where contestants fight for survival against themed stalkers. Richards is framed for being the ringleader of a mass slaying in Bakersfield, so he infiltrates the game and starts dismantling it from the inside out.

    Richards has some help, but when you're an Austrian murder machine, you don't need help putting a bunch of over-the-hill professional wrestlers on ice. Stalkers are decapitated, electrocuted, and straight-up cut in half, but the most unconventional demise is saved for Killian.

    The television host is shoved into a bobsled and launched down a chute that launches him into the sky and straight through a billboard with his own face on it before inexplicably blowing up.

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  • Judge Doom is easily one of the worst villains to ever grace the big screen. Not only is his method of murder absolutely horrifying - dipping cartoon characters in a toxic liquid that dissolves them into nothing - but he's also a terrifying figure. It makes things worse that Doom specifically focuses on doing away with cute cartoon characters when he's not removing the trolley system in the greater Los Angeles area.

    When you put all of those transgressions together, it's only fitting that Judge Doom is put on ice in front of all the characters in Toontown. During a showdown in the Acme factory, killjoy detective Eddie Valiant stops Doom from spraying Roger and Jessica Rabbit with dip before putting him in the way of a steamroller that flattens Doom down to two dimensions, revealing him to be a cartoon. That would be bad enough, but Eddie puts a full stop on Doom's life by pouring dip all over the villainous Judge. To cap it all off, the toons celebrate the Judge's demise with a song and dance number. That's how you know that people really hate you.

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  • It's telling that Baron Harkonnen's insane demise in Dune is the most normal demise on this list, but it has to be mentioned. After usurping power on Arrakis from the Atreides family and entering into a war with the Fremen, Harkonnen faces down his most fearsome opponent yet - a 3-year-old girl.

    The Baron has the bad luck of running into Alia Atreides in the middle of a knockdown, drag-out fight between the Fremen and the Harkonnens, and rather than just turning and walking away, he has to engage. Alia knicks his throat with her tiny finger knife before pulling his heart plug, but that's totally normal and fine. No big deal. Things get weird when she magically sends him spinning out of his palace into the open mouth of a giant sandworm. Let this be a lesson to everyone reading: Just don't engage.

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