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53 Behind The Scenes Photos Of Movie Villains

Updated 6 Sep 2019 271.4k votes 26.4k voters 2.8m views53 items

Some of the greatest movie villains can give you nightmares if you spend too much time thinking about their faces. But are they really that scary, or is it all just movie magic? This gallery features photos of film villains behind the scenes, while filming, in half costume, and even being controlled by puppeteers. Seeing these creepy villains out of context makes them seem just plain silly! They're just actors goofing around, after all!

While not all the characters on the list are from horror movies, they are most certainly the bad guys – at some point. But against a green screen or in the makeup chair, turns out they're all just normal people working hard to make a buck (or animatronics, or just dogs). Not so terrifying now, are they? 
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