12 Villains Who Had Half-Baked Plans

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Movie villains and elaborate schemes are a combination akin to cookies and cream - they go together beautifully and make life more exciting. However, there are a few baddies who could use assistance with their half-baked plans as they end up resulting in a glorious downfall when it's all said and done. 

In some cases, the rogues get too excited and rub their hands in glee at all the impending chaos before thinking everything through. As a result, they effectively paint themselves into a corner. In other instances, they simply suck at creating devious designs from the beginning.

Let's take a look at the movie villains who didn't quite give their idea enough time to percolate. Don't forget to vote up your favorites below!


  • Most movie villains are the heroes of their own stories. They don't see their plans as evil, but merely as the change they want to see in the world. Take Karl Stromberg as a classic example. In The Spy Who Loved Me, Stromberg thinks the world sucks and wants to shake things up radically. He plans to start World War III, hide in his Atlantis underwater base, then rebuild civilization underwater when the coast is clear.

    Only one problem here, though: His dream utopia hasn't been built yet. How will Stromberg build this new civilization if World War III claims lives, infrastructure, and resources? Will he poke a rock with a stick and say, “Do something”? Someone didn't think this through, clearly.

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    In ‘The Iron Giant,’ Mansley Launches A Nuclear Missile On His Own Location

    There are deranged people in this world who do bonkers things without thinking of the consequences at all. The Iron Giant's Kent Mansley is the epitome of this. As a US government agent, he doesn't always show sound judgment, including putting a child in danger more often than not.

    In his ultimate show of losing his mind, he orders a nuclear blast on the town of Rockwell to destroy the Iron Giant. To be fair, a nuclear explosion would do a pretty solid job of wiping the giant robot out. Alas, Mansley forgot to take everyone else's lives - including his own - into account when launching the projectile. Even if he had plans to escape, the nuclear holocaust would engulf him, as there's no way he could outrun it. Honestly, half-baked would be a perfect description of Mansley as a person.

  • Does anyone truly understand Lex Luthor's plan in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? It's unlikely Luthor himself knows what he wants since some serious mental gymnastics are at play here. There are millions of interconnected pieces and layers as his end goal seems to be to destroy Superman. How? Well, it appears he wants Batman to do his dirty work for him and maybe flap away into the afterlife as well - two birds with one stone and all.

    When that doesn't work, his backup plan is to create Doomsday, who poses a serious threat to humanity but might be able to take down the Man of Steel. Then Luthor realizes all the chaos has alerted Darkseid and his intergalactic forces. What does he think is going to happen next? Does he believe Darkseid will send him a thank-you basket after he and Steppenwolf conquer Earth? Luthor should have just delivered a bunch of Kryptonite-laced muffins to Clark Kent and called it a day.

  • Unlike other corporate employees in film, Wayne Industries accountant Coleman Reese is actually paying attention in The Dark Knight. He figures out Bruce Wayne is Batman and that his company is the one coming up with all the Bat-tech used on the streets of Gotham. Reese, ever the entrepreneur, takes the news to Lucius Fox and attempts to leverage his intel for more cheddar from the cheese factory.

    However, Lucius sums up everyone's thoughts by saying, "Let me get this straight, you think that your client, one of the wealthiest and most powerful men in the world, is secretly a vigilante, who spends his nights beating criminals to a pulp with his bare hands, and your plan is to blackmail this person? Good luck." Bruce saves his employee from the Joker's scheming and gives him a knowing look, reminding Reese that he not only cuts the man's checks but also saved his skin.

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    In ‘Panic Room,’ Junior Lies About How Much Money They’re Stealing In An Attempt To Keep More For Himself

    Is there honor among thieves? According to Panic Room, that's a hard no. Junior might be a contender for the worst crook in the history of film for two reasons. First, he targets the house where his grandfather was the previous owner, making him a prime suspect from the jump. Two, he deceives his fellow thugs, which results in his life being cut short.

    So, get this: Junior doesn't tell the other burglars how much money is in the house. Instead, he lies. Now, what did he think was going to happen? Did he presume the others didn't know how to count or wouldn't see there was a lot more in the safe than initially promised? More importantly, he's outnumbered two to one. Junior's plan isn't just half-baked; it's terrible and gets him whacked. No Morbin time for him.

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    In ‘Catwoman,’ Laurel Header’s Skincare Cream Causes Skin Disintegration After Disuse And, Well, That Can’t Be Kept A Secret Forever

    Look, most audience members would consider 2004's Catwoman itself a giant half-baked plan. However, the movie's villain, Laurel Hedare, leaves a lot to be desired too. Now, how is Laurel evil? As the wife of Hedare Beauty's owner, she knows the new skincare cream Beau-line causes skin to slowly disintegrate, but she still pushes ahead with it because she likes money.

    If people keep using the cream, the side effects will be noticeable. It won't take a rocket scientist to discover the link here, and Hedare Beauty will be in big trouble. Plus, human beings can't even keep a post-credit scene in a movie secret, so does anyone really think they won't blab about a dodgy skin cream? Won't Hedare lose all their business once this becomes public? Does anything make sense anymore?