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The Most Vicious Villains The Shelby Family Ever Had To Face On 'Peaky Blinders'

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For the last few years, the Shelby clan of Peaky Blinders has been entertaining audiences across the globe with their illicit antics. Named for their habit of hiding razor blades in the stitching of their caps, the organization is led by Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy), who, along with his brothers and their Aunt Polly Gray (Helen McCrory), is a leader in the British underworld. The Shelby clan has their hands in everything from bootlegging booze to fixing races; however, it's difficult to build an empire from illegal activities and not make a few hundred enemies along the way. 

Over the course of the show, there are plenty of vicious villains, each with an agenda and a reason to wage war against the Shelby clan. Here is a look at a few of the more vicious villains to ever cross paths with a Shelby. Vote up the meanest miscreants to ever go against the Peaky Blinders. 

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    Sir Oswald Mosley - Sam Claflin

    Photo: BBC One

    An evil fascist with a political agenda, Oswald Mosley is one of the more recent threats to the Shelby clan. He gets off on the wrong foot with Thomas after making mention of his second wife's former occupation as a woman of the night. After that affront, Mosley attempts to build support for his new political party, the British Union of Fascists. His antics nab the notice of Winston Churchill, who works with Thomas to "eliminate" the politician. Unfortunately, the plan goes awry and Mosley is made into a living martyr. 

    His racist agenda, political power, and deep-seated evil tendencies make Mosley a terrifying and powerful enemy, one whom the Shelbys must never lose sight of. 


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    Father John Hughes - Paddy Considine 

    Photo: BBC One

    In Season 3, this man of the cloth is anything but an angel, working as a double agent both for the Crown and for the Russians, abetting plots both with and against the Communists. No stranger to using aggression as a means to an end, it isn't just his dirty double dealings that make him an antagonist. There's a far darker reason.

    According to Michael Gray, Father Hughes is an abuser of children, with Michael himself being one of his victims. Because of this, Michael insists he be allowed to shoot Father Hughes when the time comes. And he does. 

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    Alfie Solomons - Tom Hardy

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    The head of a Jewish gang from Camden Town, Alfie Solomons has been a source of chaos for the Shelbys ever since the second season. He betrays the family on several occasions, but each time, his skills at the negotiating table and his sharp tongue are able to save him.

    He only has his own interests in mind, and though making a deal with him might be lucrative, the Shelbys can never be sure if Alfie will keep his end of the bargain. 

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    Luca Changretta - Adrien Brody

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    Meticulous, mean, and focused on his mission, Luca Changretta is an Italian mobster from New York who has a vendetta with the Shelby family over the murder of his brother and father. With the blessings of the mob, Luca goes to Birmingham with the sole purpose of annihilating the Shelby family, with the exception of Tommy, for whom he has a special plan: Make him watch each and every member of his family perish, thus destroying his spirit.

    During his time in London, Luca makes a back-handed deal with Polly to betray Tommy, attempts to eliminate Arthur Shelby, has his men eliminate John Shelby, and tries to seize the family bootlegging business from the Shelbys. It is only after Tommy makes a deal with rival Al Capone that Changretta realizes he's been defeated. He is later shot in the head for his part in the slaying of John Shelby. 


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