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15 Movie Villains Who Got Off Too Easy

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There's nothing worse than getting to the end of a movie and watching as a villain who's racked up millions of dollars in property damage, committed multiple homicides, and kicked a dog, is rewarded for his poor conduct with a slap on the wrist. Villains who got off easy are all over the spectrum of film, and it's just as frustrating to see it happen to a supervillain as it is when a cartoon cat doesn't have to face the music for its attempted mass-mice murder.

These aren't villains who got away to get their crime on another day, but baddies who were stopped and let off too easily following a series of horrific events. Some of these evildoers didn't just get an easy out - they were actually rewarded for their bad behavior. 

None of these villains suffered as much as they should have, but it's up to you to decide which of their easy outs is the most frustrating. 

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    Dolores Umbridge - 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix'

    Voldemort may be an all powerful and almost unstoppable villain, but at least he's honest about who he is. Dolores Umbridge is the true evil at the heart of the Wizarding World. She's a bureaucrat who really believes that torturing school children and doing away with any vestige of critical thought is for the greater good.

    After spending a year at Hogwarts where she repeatedly abuses the students, harms them through magic, and straight-up ignores the very real threats that are pounding down the door of the school, she's not banished to Azkaban. Instead, she's goofed on by the twins, a couple of centaurs harass her, and she gets her old job back at the Ministry. 

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  • Desperate for power, Prince Hans would rather travel to another country and make a detailed plan to commit regicide by wiping out both Anna and Elsa through overly complicated means. He could have stayed home and worked within his own royal family to find some kind of inner peace, but no, he went with attempted double homicide - who hasn't been there?

    After his plan falls apart, Hans gets punched in the face and knocked into a fjord before he's shipped home, which is a bummer - but is it really the worst thing that could have happened to him? Insult is added to injury in Frozen 2 when most of the cast dunks on the noticeably absent Hans for being such a drip.

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  • Amanda Waller may not be the main villain of Suicide Squad, but everything that happens in the movie falls on her shoulders. It's her fault that Enchantress escapes from custody, making her responsible for all the casualties of Enchantress's big, swirling vortex, as well as the people who are transformed into her minions. There are also the government employees that Waller dispatches in cold blood - simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    It's ridiculous to think that one person, or even a government agency, could control a magical being. There's so much blood on Waller's hands by the end of the movie that it's shocking she comes out unscathed. Sure, she faces some backlash for her actions, but only after making a back-alley deal with Bruce Wayne to protect her from her much deserved government slap on the wrist.

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  • There are many iterations of the Joker, but in 2008's The Dark Knight, Joker is absolutely horrendous to the people of Gotham and just gets arrested. Throughout the film, Joker robs a bank, makes a pencil disappear in someone's face, throws a woman off of a building, makes Batman choose which one of his friends is going to blow up, and then demolishes a hospital. Oh, and he tries to get a bunch of people to blow each other up. It's safe to say that he's a menace to society.

    Rather than throw him off a building like Michael Keaton's Batman did in 1989, the dark knight just leaves Joker hung upside down. He also gets a stern talking to prior to his arrest. It's an underwhelming end to a character who is one of the worst monsters that Gotham has ever faced.

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