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13 Villains Who Lose And Decide To Go Scorched Earth

August 3, 2021 45.1k views12 items

There doesn't exist a loser sorer than the villains who activate self-destruct as their plans start to unravel. It's a cowardly and pathetic move, equivalent to a child flipping a game board over when a losing villain decides he may as well terminate everyone around him since he can't achieve his goals. A good villain gives the hero one last word of wisdom to think about, typically about how their entire worldview is wrong before they gracefully dip out. 

Who knows why villains are so mad when they lose anyway, it's almost always their own fault. Half the time a villain loses, it's because they literally outlined their entire plan. But, it's not like a villain becomes a villain because they have normal, regulated emotions - so no one can really act confused after these guys flip out and try to destroy the world they can't control.