Unspeakable Times

14 Facts About Vincent Bugliosi, The Man Who Literally Wrote The Book On Charles Manson

Lawyer, author, and outspoken political commentator Vincent Bugliosi became inextricably connected to the infamous Charles Manson Family during their murder trial in 1970. Bugliosi successfully convinced the court Manson was responsible for the Tate and LaBianca murders, even though he never personally laid a finger on the victims.

In the aftermath of the trial that captivated the US, Bugliosi wrote a book about Manson and the other cases he had prosecuted. While many were quick to criticize the ethics of such a move, the book, Helter Skelter, became the best-selling true crime book in history (a record it still holds as of 2018) and propelled Bugliosi into other endeavors. 

While Bugliosi switched focus from prosecution to defense, he kept writing books about highly publicized trials and the people accused of carrying out the acts. OJ Simpson, Lee Harvey Oswald, and even another of his own clients received books detailing their cases and the author's take on their guilt or innocence.

Although Bugliosi passed away from cancer in June of 2015, his legacy lives on in the books he wrote and the world's continued fascination with the madman that first propelled him into the headlines.