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List of Vincenzo Bellini Operas

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Looking for popular Vincenzo Bellini operas? You'll find them here, listed alphabetically with photos when available. This Vincenzo Bellini operas list includes the names of all Vincenzo Bellini operas, so if you're an opera lover you might recognize many of these historic shows. You'll get to know the famous composer Vincenzo Bellini from this list, which contains various bits of information about his operas, such as what language they were composed in and what genre the popular Vincenzo Bellini opera falls under. There are a lot of well-known Vincenzo Bellini operas out there so this list is a great way to learn about the ones you haven't heard of before.

Which operas did Vincenzo Bellini write? Norma and La Sonnambula are a few. They features some of the most beautiful music written by the famous composer. If you're writing a research paper about historic Vincenzo Bellini operas, then this is the perfect jumping off point to find out which famous operas were created by him.