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31 Truly Weird Vintage Alcohol Ads

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Most would agree that Prohibition was a terrible idea. You have seen Boardwalk Empire, right? But after the Volstead Act was repealed in 1933, it seems the bubbles went right to advertisers' heads and the proof is in these vintage alcohol ads. Sure, Americans love their liquor and booze, but the claims made by some of these vintage alcohol posters and old alcohol ads have us wondering if the designers were drunk while writing ad copy.

Did you know that just like an apple, a hard cider a day keeps the doctor away? Or that booze benefits babies? According to these old alcohol advertisements, a few drinks are definitely good for you and should be enjoyed very frequently. From the weird to the very strange, these old alcohol posters will make you want a drink, but probably for very wrong reasons.

Pour yourself a tall one and let your peepers drink in the intoxicating vintage alcohol ad pictures in this gallery. After you take the edge off, vote up the weirdest and most bizarre vintage beer posters and old ads for alcohol below!

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    You Don't Really Need Beer to Play This Game, but it Can Only Help

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    Savor a Shot of Political Incorrectness

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    Look, Honey! No Hands!

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    That's Not What "An Apple a Day" Means

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