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Vintage Pictures Of US Astronauts Hanging Out Being Chill As Hell

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Few people get to join the elite club of men and women who have been to space, but for those left on the outside, there are plenty of vintage pictures of astronauts hanging out so they can imagine what could have been. Astronaut biographies aren't likely to cover the times Neil Armstrong or John Glenn leaned back to relax after a long day of training, but NASA photographers were able to capture those moments.

Through Project Mercury, Project Gemini, and the most famous of early US space exploration, the Apollo flights, an adventurous few volunteered to cram into tiny capsules, have explosions triggered beneath them, and travel at insane speeds into an unpredictable environment devoid of oxygen or gravity. But when these men weren't floating around in space, they were hanging out back on Earth, creating historical photos of hot astronauts for others to one day enjoy.