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The Best Vintage Ads in Comic Books

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Ever had that moment flipping through an old comic book from the '90s and been like "Wow, Sega Genesis really costs that much?" or seen an ad for video tapes? Better yet, an ad for a product that either doesn't exist anymore or was flat out proven not to work? Well, hindsight is 20/20 so the further we look back sometimes the more outlandish those ads become.

Sometimes the ads are so insane we can't believe they actually existed, and claimed to do what they advertised. From an ad to "Be Taller!" or "Instantly Lose Weight!" or advertisements for real pet monkeys and free turtles! Times were different then.

These aren't only ads for products that are cute and aww shucks because of the time period (though there are a few of those too), these are the creme de la creme of those classic ads. The ones you'd see plastered on the back of every silver age comic or on the back pages of some classic Spider-Man tale. These are the very best vintage comic book ads!
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