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Vintage Ads That Promoted Now-Illegal Drugs

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If you get pulled over by the police and they find a bag of cocaine, you’re probably not going to be able to get out of the arrest by saying it’s for your toothache. But in the 19th century, people were gobbling up drugs like cocaine, heroin, and cannabis as if they were candy. As time progressed, methamphetamines and codeine were added to the list of illegal drugs being prescribed by doctors. A lot of the vintage ads for these now illegal drugs are amazing pieces of drug advertising that make you want to start taking whatever it is they’re selling.

This list of the vintage drugs ads, promoting substances that you definitely can't get over the counter (or even legally) today is full of lots of advertising that just might leave you speechless.

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    Kids Love Cocaine Toothache Drops!

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    Cocaine - Or Is That 'Poison' - For A Sore Throat?

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    Brought To You By Oxymoron Inc.

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    Everybody Loves A Drunk Baby

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