distinguishing features 29 Dudes Who Were Smokin' Hot, Even with Mustaches  

Ashley Reign
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Do you occasionally find yourself slipping off into daydreams of shaking your groove thing on Soul Train, surrounded by hot guys with '70s mustaches? If you answered yes, or lied no, then you've come to the right place. Here you'll find a collection of hot vintage guys who have mustaches, each and every one of whom expertly toes the line between titillating and terrifying.

Though the 'stache is not a look easily rocked in the modern world, back in the day they were all the rage. These hot guys with mustaches see you hanging out there by your Thunderbird, girl, and are ready to teach you the ways of the sexy 'stache. So if you've yet to run screaming into the night in terror, then scroll on down for the soulful looks only a heavily mustached '70s man can give.


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