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37 Glorious Vintage Photos of US Politicians 

Mel Judson
Updated September 13, 2019 124.4k votes 10.8k voters 494.9k views 37 items

Enjoy these vintage picturess of politicians when they were young. This list features politicians' high school yearbook pictures, photos of politicians in college, as well as politicians before they were famous. You'll see former Presidents of the United States, Senators, Governors, and Congresswomen in their early days when they were young, wild, free, and not at all bogged down by the American political system.

If you're looking for awesome throwback young photos of Hillary Clinton or vintage pictures of George W. Bush, you've come to the right place. Beyond the Clinton and Bush political dynasties, there are several young political families whose photographs are ranked here for your viewing pleasure. You'll never guess what Nancy Pelosi used to look like and the way you see Al Sharpton (pictured here with James Brown!) will never be the same.

Where can you find young politician pics from their less prestigious days? Only on this list will you find the funniest, cutest, and most surprising shots of your elected officials. Upvote the most interesting and cool vintage pics of these politicians, no matter what you think of their policies and voting records.