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The Insane Life Of Violet Jessop, Survivor Of The Titanic—And 2 More Shipwrecks

The Violet Jessop story is an incredible tale of survival. Who was Violet Jessop? She was a survivor of three ship disasters, including the Titanic. Jessop was a nurse and an ocean liner stewardess in the early 1900s. Most people would probably change professions after being involved in such terrifying incidents, but not Violet. Instead of quitting her job, she spent a good portion of her life working on the sea.

Born to Irish immigrants, she did not set out to work on a ship, but family circumstances forced her to seek employment on the ocean. Her first brush with disaster happened on the Olympic, but fortunately no one died. Then she joined the crew of the Titanic, where she purportedly saved a baby's life. Her third disaster involved the Britannic, yet she survived with just some bumps and bruises. To learn more about how this incredible woman led a daring life at sea, read on to discover fascinating Violet Jessop facts.