An Exhausted Mom Was Mocked Online For A Photo, But Her Honest Response Is Leaving People Speechless

Nowadays, everyone always wants to assume the worst about a person, make up a story without having all the facts. A viral photo of a mom at the airport was posted by a stranger: In the photo is an infant is lying down on a blanket on the floor, while mom is looking at her cellphone.

Haters on the internet went wild accusing the mother of neglect, but they didn't have the whole story. The mom behind the viral airport photo speaks out and all the mommy shamers out there should listen up. Molly Lensing, the mom mocked online for putting her baby down, wants to end mommy shaming, so she told her side of the story – the truth behind that viral baby photo.

The fact is that Molly, a mother of three, could have lost her job as a pediatric nurse because some stranger wanted 15 minutes of fame. Traveling can be a nightmare. Now imagine experiencing over 20 hours of flight delays and having to care for a two-month-old infant. Instead of shaming, maybe people should start helping. Here is Molly Lensing’s side of the story.