34 Viral Tweets We Couldn't Stop Sharing In The Year 2022

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Whether it's something funny, weird, wild, interesting, or an inside joke, we've all seen those posts we just HAD to share with our friends! Here is this year's Twitter roundup of tweets we couldn't stop sharing with our friends. Vote up your favorite tweets from 2022!

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    A Bartender Making Sure The Customer Was Safe

    213 votes
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    Meteorologist Discovers His TV Is A Touch Screen

    142 votes
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    Keanu Reeves Photo Bomb For The Win

    140 votes
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    113 VOTES

    A Little Girl Who Is Extra Grateful For That Ice Cream

    113 votes
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    Robin Williams's Son Shares Love For His Dad On The Anniversary Of His Passing

    111 votes
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    A Sweet Text From The Son's Best Friend For Mother's Day

    107 votes