10 Tattoos That Make Hilarious Jokes

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Are you a practical joker who loves making people laugh everywhere you go? Or perhaps the shy type who’s always running out of witty conversation starters? The next time you’re considering adding a little body ink to your life, make sure you check out the following funny joke tattoo pictures. These funny tattoos will get your creative gears turning if you’re considering getting your own witty piece of body art or just give you a great laugh if you prefer to enjoy the antics of other people who already have.

Here you’ll find some of the funniest and most clever joke tattoos on the Internet via this collection of funny tattoo ideas. You’ll see everything from tattoos that cleverly incorporate various body parts of their owners to tats that are as funny and cool as they are clever. From the huge to the barely noticeable, this list of witty tats spans a wide variety of shapes and even styles of humor.

So whether you’re considering getting your own joke tattoo or just want to enjoy the efforts of people who did, come on in and get ready to grin!

Photo: Thomas Hawk / flickr / CC-BY-NC 2.0