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Fans Are Pointing Out Obscure Lore Details About Lord Voldemort

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Despite being the main antagonist in the Harry Potter series, there is still a lot people don't know about Lord Voldemort. From the correct way to pronounce his name to why he was never outed by Dumbledore during his time at Hogwarts, these lore details make the Dark Lord even more menacing.

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    Voldemort Learned About Making Horcruxes At Hogwarts

    From Redditor u/rinabrina:

    When he talks to Slughorn he mentions reading about them in a book in the library but wanted him to explain further as he "didn't understand." It was how he tricked him into the conversation. I want to know how Slughorn knew though. Doesn't seem like his area of expertise if I'm honest.

    From Redditor u/bobbyjames9880:

    Originally, there were books in the restricted section of the library that gave explicit details on how to make a horcrux. Dumbledore removed them when he became headmaster, but they were still there when Tom Riddle was at school (Dippet was still headmaster then). After Dumbledore's funeral, when they decide to go hunting for horcuxes, Hermione summons the books to her room and packs them. One of them, Secrets of the Darkest Art, gives explicit instructions on how to make a horcrux. The trio speculates, and it is implied that they are correct, that this is the book that young Tom Riddle would've used to get knowledge on Horcruxes before asking Slughorn about the details more specific to him

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    Voldemort's Name Ties Into One Of His Abilities

    From Redditor u/howlingatthemoobs:

    Not sure how obscure this is but "Voldemort" means "flight of death" in French.

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    Younger Death Eater Recruits Wouldn't Have Known Voldemort's Identity Or That He Was Half-Blood

    From a former Redditor:

    The first Death Eaters would of known as they went to school with him. Whether he or his first followers would have told the younger recruits his true identity is unlikely. Mainly because he saw Lord Voldemort as his true identity.

    But judging on Harry's interaction with Bellatrix Lestrange in the books, she knew his true identity and his blood status, but her retort was to try and attack Harry (pretty sure this happens in Order of the Phoenix).

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    Dumbledore Didn't Have Enough Evidence To Out Voldemort As Tom Riddle

    From Redditor u/Madzogaz:

    Tom Riddle disappeared and went through many dark transformations while traveling and cavorting with the darkest of wizards and creatures. He didn't even look like Tom Riddle anymore when he returned.

    We have the benefit of hindsight being 20/20 unlike the characters. So when Tom left Hogwarts did Dumbledore SUSPECT he was involved in Myrtles death? Yes. Did he have proof? No. By the time Voldemort returns for the DADA job Dumbledore still only knows of dark rumors about him.

    Circa 1957, is when he disappears and transforms from Tom to Voldemort. Nobody knew the extent of his misdeeds at that time.

    Reading further, he didn't start his dark machinations until 1970.

    In 1981, Voldemort's curse rebounds and he appears defeated.

    There is no good point to go around shouting Voldemort is Tom Riddle. Albus had a dark history being associated with Grindelwald I'm sure it would be no big yellow journalistic leap to claim Dumbledore trained him evil on purpose.

    Those who knew and admired Tom probably didn't want to or wouldn't believe he was the Dark Lord. Dumbledore always kept everything close to the vest, like his mother Kendra did with Arianna. It would go against his character to bandy about the secrets of the Dark Lord. Not to mention his followers who would possibly retaliate against any public shaming of their lost leader. Dumbledore is also still conducting his investigation into Voldemort and he didn't want thousands of Slughorns created who would disavow and damage any knowledge they had regarding Tom Riddle.

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