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Hannah Collins
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Warning: major spoilers for Voltron: Legendary Defender, including Season 7.

In 2016, Netflix rebooted the classic '80s cartoon about cosmic lion robots and sword-wielding mechas for a new generation.

Buzz for the hot new animated series was compounded by the involvement of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra alumni, who have helped the show build a similarly passionate fanbase. Whenever a series gets this big, fan theories abound. 

As far back as the release of Season 3, eager theorists correctly guessed Shiro wasn't exactly himself, Romelle – Allura's cousin from the original series – would make an appearance, Keith had some Galra DNA in him, and Allura and Lotor might become romantically interested in one another. (Unfortunately, the Allura/Lotor ship sank before it could really begin its voyage in Season 6.)

Despite all this conjecture, there are still tons of plot strands to tie up and questions to be answered, and many of the current theories about Netflix's Voltron: Legendary Defender could easily turn out to be true. 

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Keith Knew Pidge Was A Girl All Along

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Pidge's gender reveal was met with mixed reactions from her fellow Paladins; everyone except Lance shrugged it off as old news. Other than intuition, it's almost impossible to figure out how Pidge's secret was so poorly kept, but one fan has a solid argument to explain when and how Keith realized the truth.

It all rests on Keith's relationship with Shiro. Via flashbacks, viewers learned that information about Pidge's father and brother's disappearance – along with Shiro's – was newsworthy, and likely accompanied with the standard "they are survived by a wife and daughter" line.

It's not a stretch to imagine Keith knew all about the crew that went missing along with his stand-in space dad, so when Pidge mentioned her father and brother were part of that crew in the first episode, Keith could have put all the puzzle pieces together easily. 

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Adam Is Still Alive

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The joy fans felt from the revelation about Shiro's sexuality was cut short by the death of his significant other, Adam. Is Season 7 truly the end of Adam, though? This eagle-eyed fan thinks not:

[Adam's] ship doesn't explode on-screen, and when the Galra cruiser fires on him, we get a shot of his reaction, and then cut to his com going offline at Garrison HQ. Since his "death" was off-screen and no indication that any of the bodies were recovered, it's entirely possible for Adam to have survived, either from ejecting at the last second, or his ship was damaged and crashed.

After destroying Adam's fighter group, Sendak's next action was to destroy Earth's communication satellites and cut the Garrison off from the rest of the world, meaning that if he did survive, the Garrison wouldn't know until he showed up in person.

Other than that, when the lions are shown crashing back to Earth after the Altean mecha self-destructs, three of the lions simply crash with nobody around to witness. The only shots with people in them for that scene are Hunk's family looking at the Yellow Lion lying in the desert, and a clearly male unknown character standing next to a Garrison cruiser while gazing up at the Black Lion as it falls through the atmosphere.

This character, if you look closely has the same hair and eye color as Adam. [...] Who else but Adam would be important enough to be given a reaction shot alongside Hunk's family when none of the other lion shots have people in them?

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Lance Is The Strongest Paladin

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Out of all the Paladins, Lance is perhaps the most underrated. It's easy to get overlooked on a team of alien princesses, engineering geniuses, half-Galran secret agents, and one-armed clones.

Though his arc hasn't been as dramatic as the others', Lance has shown significant growth over the series; he goes from whining jokester to mature team player.

Lance got a major weapons update in Season 5. Although fans heard him lamenting to Allura's mice during Season 6 about how he never seems to be taken seriously, he proved himself wrong by being a comforting presence to his long-time crush after Lotor's betrayal. On top of that, he kept his cool in the final battle against the crazed prince. 

As the show nears its end, fans are predicting it's finally time for the most neglected member of Team Voltron to step into the spotlight.    

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Lotor Will Return With An Evil Alternate Universe Altean Empire

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No fictional character in the sci-fi/fantasy genre is truly dead until viewers see a body. Even then, there's still a 50/50 chance of resurrection.

Lotor's return from the dimension Voltron left him in seems inevitable to a lot of fans, but could he also bring something back with him? This theorist thinks so:

Lotor, Altean supremacist, will find himself in the mirror universe. The quintessence effect will drive the Altean leadership mad just like Lotor, and they'll launch an attack on Voltron's universe to bring it to order. Team Voltron and the Galra empire will be forced to [cooperate] to save the day. Lotor will find himself in the Altean Empire reality. The blast didn't kill him but sent him to this reality. He comes to view the Empire as exactly what he envisioned the Alteans should be. He'll become their leader, and lead them to conquer his home universe.

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