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Jacob Shelton
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Of all the standard bodily functions, vomiting is by far the worst. Most people are grossed out by puking, but what about when a hot guy does it? Is there something inherently sexy about a sinewy bad boy puking his guts out? You probably won't run across too many real life examples, so to find out, you'll have to settle for hot guys throwing up in movies. Even though that sounds like a niche genre, there are actually a lot of vomit scenes in film, and they’re usually performed by hot dudes. Get out your barf bags and check out all the times hot guys have thrown up in movies.

No matter your type --  dads, jocks, pretty boys, ugly boys, pretty ugly boys -- they’ve probably filmed a few throw up scenes. This list covers sexy film characters throwing up for every reason under the sun. Some threw up because they were working out so hard that their bodies couldn’t handle it, while another hot guy turned himself into a fly and threw up acid. If you’re into puking hunks, you’re in for a real treat.
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Puker: C. Thomas Howell
After realizing that his best friend Johnny killed the Soc who was trying to drown him, Ponyboy throws up the contents of his stomach in the middle of a park. You would too if you were an accessory to murder. 
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Puker: James McAvoy

Filth, adapted from a book by literary enfant terrible Irvine Welsh, more than lives up to its name. McAvoy plays a detective who does copious amounts of drugs, lets teenagers off if they give him head, and has an ongoing conversation with his tapeworm. He also vomits more than once. As the film's director Jon S Baird has said, everything McAvoy's character does on screen, McAvoy did for real and on cue, including vomiting and farting. "I don’t know how he managed to produce a real fart on cue but he managed it," Baird told Daily Record

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Puker: Emilio Estevez
If you've never seen Repo Man then this probably isn't going to make sense, but here goes. For most of the film, Emilio Estevez (as Otto) is trying to repossess a car that's full of alien corpses. At one point, he chases the car on foot over a bridge. When he doesn't catch it, he -- duh --  pukes his brains out.
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Puker: Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum begins the film as the super hunk that we all know and love. But when he starts vomiting up acid onto people, he's not really what you would call "hot." Hey, at least you still have that naked transporter scene from the first half hour, right?
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