These "Me Voting In 2016 Vs. Me Voting In 2018" Memes Say It All  

Bailey Benningfield
November 6, 2018 255 votes 46 voters 1.5k views 22 items

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The political and media landscape of the United States after the 2016 election has been fraught, to say the least. In 2018, tensions are high as both parties fight for seats at the state and federal levels. Voter turnout could reach record highs for a midterm election, as citizens are thinking about local politics more than ever. People have informed themselves about even their states' wackiest election laws, and they have never been more prepared to drive to a local high school or church and stand in line for two hours.

Everyone has big opinions. Whether you're a Republican who wants to maintain control of all three branches of the US government, a Democrat who's hoping the night provides enough wins to take back the House, or a low-key Communist who believes the whole system needs to be fundamentally transformed, you're gonna love these memes!

Blessed Be The Ballot


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Vote Historic On The Fury Road


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You Better Vote, B*tch


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Believe It Or Not, That Chicken Didn't Even Study Her District's Propositions


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