How Deadpool Destroyed His Own Life

Since the 2016 Deadpool film adaptation, fans of the Regenerating Degenerate have seen an uptick in the superhero's stock. Previously unknown Deadpool trivia is now familiar to comic book junkies and casual admirers alike, and it seems like Wade Wilson's life gets crazier and crazier with each Deadpool 2 promo. 

While the big screen Deadpool may be largely responsible for the character’s newfound popularity, it's his comic book history that truly set the stage for his explosion in fame. The comics have been building Deadpool’s character for decades through numerous story arcs, most of which involve him suffering unimaginable woe.

Many of Deadpool’s most notable storylines involve a cycle of brief highs and crushing lows, and his latest comic book adventures are no exception. In fact, the Merc With A Mouth's life has been destroyed so completely - largely by his own doing - that his 2018 comic is fittingly titled Despicable Deadpool.


  • The Success Of The 2016 Film Made Him A Priority In The Comics

    Coming off the box office success of 2016’s Deadpool, it made a lot of sense for Wade Wilson to gain a higher profile in the pages of Marvel Comics. This newfound prominence sees Deadpool widely celebrated inside the Marvel Universe, earning him a reputation as the world’s most popular superhero. Of course, being Deadpool, he uses this opportunity to shamelessly merchandise himself and earn millions from official Deadpool dolls, shirts, and tasteful men’s lingerie.

  • He Starts His Own Mercenary Crew, But They Abandon Him Due To His Abusive Management

    Using his newfound wealth and celebrity profile, Deadpool decides to form his own mercenary crew so he can effectively franchise himself. Initially, his aptly-titled Mercs for Money consists of a bunch of C-list characters wearing knockoff Deadpool costumes, but this unit eventually rebels against Deadpool’s abusive management style and leave his employ.

    After this, Deadpool forms a more traditional merc crew with familiar faces like Domino, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and Machine Man, but they eventually abandon him as well.

  • Deadpool Gives Up His Daughter For Her Own Protection

    Wade Wilson had unknowingly fathered a daughter, Eleanor, with Carmelita Camacho, a short-term flame from his past. When Carmelita is killed, Deadpool becomes Ellie’s primary caretaker, but his significantly increased profile and long list of enemies eventually convinces him to give her up for her own safety.

    Fortunately, Deadpool finds Ellie a terrific adoptive family in the form of Agent Emily Preston, a former SHIELD ally of Deadpool’s. While Deadpool is still allowed to visit Ellie, it’s generally discouraged.

  • Ellie’s New Family Faces Deadly Peril, And Deadpool Makes A Deal With Stryfe To Save Them

    Unfortunately, Deadpool’s decision to give up his daughter doesn’t keep her safe. Longtime rival Madcap tricks Deadpool into infecting Ellie and the Prestons with a deadly airborne virus, and even the advanced science of the Marvel Universe is unable to help them.

    Desperate for a cure, Deadpool makes a deal with a metaphorical devil. He makes contact with Stryfe - Cable’s evil clone from the future - and Stryfe agrees to provide the cure in exchange for a foreboding future favor.

  • Deadpool Marries A Vampire Queen

    Somewhere between becoming a worldwide celebrity and finding out he has a daughter, Wade Wilson has another major life event: he marries Shiklah, an undead vampire queen.

    The relationship between the two is strained from the beginning and largely based on physical attraction, and Shiklah soon begins to cheat on Deadpool with various classic horror characters. This eventually culminates in her declaring war on humanity and leaving Deadpool for the actual Dracula. 

  • He Becomes An Avenger And Helps Fund The Team

    The true mark of “making it” in the Marvel Universe is being named a member of the Avengers, and Deadpool’s worldwide notoriety and friendship with Steve Rogers finally affords him the opportunity. Deadpool even helps fund the team with his merchandising millions.

    Becoming a member of the Avengers’ Unity Squad, Deadpool takes part in a number of important missions, including stopping a zombie-ninja Hulk and stealing Professor X’s brain back from the Red Skull. In fact, Deadpool’s time with the Unity Squad goes so well he earns the trust and respect of most of his teammates, and he even has a brief romance with Rogue.