20 'Waiting On A Miracle' Fan Comments That Prove It's The Most Underrated 'Encanto' Song

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Encanto is beloved for many reasons, like its mesmorizing animation and the heartwarming story, but the reason it truly captivated so many is because of the incredible soundtrack. Fans can't seem to stop singing these songs from Encanto because they're not only catchy, but extremely relatable. 

Like Surface Pressure is Luisa's solo song and What Else Can I Do is Isabella's, Waiting on a Miracle is Mirabel's. And since Mirabel is the main character of Encanto, this song is one of the most emotional and inspiring in the entire film. Fans are sharing their reactions to Waiting on a Miracle and even pointing out small details they noticed in the song. Take a look below and vote up the best fan comments about Waiting on a Miracle.