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'Fear The Walking Dead' Showrunner All But Confirmed 'Breaking Bad' Is A Prequel To The Apocalypse

Updated 16 Apr 2019 1.7m views12 items

At first glance, The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad couldn't be more different. One is a zombie apocalypse/human survival epic, the other a modern classic about a common man forced by circumstance into a life of crime, becoming in the process perhaps the greatest anti-hero of our time. But consider, for a moment, that The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad share a universe and are subtly connected somehow. Sound totally implausible? Well, think again.

Crazy Walking DeadBreaking Bad fan theory speculation abounded in 2017, and some of these ideas actually hold water (some, on the other hand, are a stretch, even to the most conspiracy theory-minded fans). Some firmly believe The Walking Dead is a Breaking Bad sequel; others note intriguing, but random, correlations (or Easter eggs) between the shows.

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